Today’s Building Hours: 5:30 AM - 7:00 PM

Senior Lecture Series

Our Senior Center Lecture Series offers rare opportunities to hear from top thinkers, artists, chefs, authors, and innovators in intimate conversations that connect, enrich, and inspire. Join us on Tuesdays at 10:30am. No RSVP needed.

Film: Life, Animated 

February 20, 10:30am

Experience the inspirational story of Owen Suskind, a young man who was unable to speak as a child until he and his family discovered a unique way to communicate by immersing themselves in the world of classic Disney animated films. Rated G

Presented in conjunction with JCC Disability Inclusion Awareness Programs.

Senior Safety: Important Guidelines and Reminders  

February 27, 10:30am

Speaker: Ilana Nadel, Mayerson Jewish Community Center 

Don’t let yourself become a crime victim! Join us for this very important discussion of how to keep yourself safe as we discuss strategies on how to protect yourself from becoming a prime target for con artists and thieves.

Jewish Pop: American Jewish Popular Culture Through the Ages

March 6 10:30am

Speaker: Allison Schottenstein, Ph.D. 

Learn about American Jewish history through the lens of culture, and you will see the multiple surprising flavors of Jewish life in America. The history of Jewish popular culture in the United States is extensive: from music, to theater, to movies, to fiction. This lecture will lead you on a journey to see the dynamic of American Jewry.

Fall Prevention: Reduce Your Risks 

March 13, 10:30am

Speaker: Helen Gomez, PT

Choice Physical Therapy provides helpful tips for active older adults to maintain mobility, and reduce their risk of falling at home and in the community. Screenings will be provided to assess individual fall risk and to check balance, lower body strength, and general mobility.

How Many is Six Million?

March 20, 10:30am

Speaker: Rosemary Deitzer 

Learn the amazing story of a middle school diversity project in Whitwell, Tennessee, which resulted in the world-renowned Children’s Holocaust Memorial. This remarkable true story provided the basis for the documentary, Paper Clips.

Great Parks of Hamilton County – They Really are Great! 

March 27, 10:30am

Speaker: Kimberly Whitton, Great Parks of Hamilton County 

Our Great Parks of Hamilton County are an amazing resource – they enrich the region by inspiring nature-based experiences, celebrating cultural heritage, and building strong, healthy communities. Learn about their history, mission, conservation efforts, and recreational opportunities.

Film: My Italian Secret – Forgotten Heroes of the Holocaust 

April 3, 10:30am

Would you risk your life to save a stranger? Learn the story of the courageous Italians who carried out ingenious schemes to rescue Jews, partisans, and refugees from Nazi occupied Italy.

Fabric Fun – Explore Quilts Old and New

April 10, 10:30am

Speaker: Bob Drew, Cincinnati Public Library

Uncover the history of quilts and quilt construction from around the world. Learn about quilt patterns and their significance from medieval times to the Underground Railroad and beyond, including facts and myths about quilts and their makers. And feel free to share a story about your favorite quilt and the person who made it!

Giving From the Heart: The History of Philanthropy in America 

April 17, 10:30am

Speaker: Sally Alspaugh, Cincinnati Zoo 

It’s been said that Americans are the most generous people on the planet, and we have countless examples to prove it! Explore the history of philanthropy and how the spirit of generosity helped shape the Cincinnati Zoo.

Hamilton County Recorder’s Office – So Many Kinds of Help!

April 24, 10:30am

Speaker: Dave Pittinger, Hamilton County Recorder’s Office

Our county recorders maintain a wide variety of permanent public records for us, involving real estate, personal property, military records, and more. They can help with genealogical searches and issue IDs for veterans. Learn about the many valuable services that are available to us, and bring your questions!