Today’s Building Hours: 5:30 AM - 10:00 PM

Documentary Thursdays

March Theme: In Concert!

Judy, Frank & Dean: Once in a Lifetime

March 8, 10:30am

A wonderful concert brings together three legends in a once-in-a-lifetime entertainment special!

Idina Menzel – Live at Lincoln Center

March 15, 10:30am

This multi-talented star of stage, screen,and television presents a powerful concert in magnificent Lincoln Center.

Tony Bennett – The Sound of Velvet 

March 22, 10:30am

Enjoy an evening with Tony Bennett, one of the finest singers of popular songs that has ever lived,

Josh Groban – Live at Lincoln Center

March 29, 10:30am

Josh Groban combines his technical brilliance with his warm and engaging personal style in every song.

April Theme: Best Biographies 

Maria Callas – Life and Art 

April 5, 10:30am

Described as one of the most renowned and influential opera singers of the 20th century and the definition of the diva as artist, Maria Callas remains one of the best-selling classical artists in the world.

Albert Einstein Documentary 

April 5, 10:30am

This fascinating documentary showcases the life of the Nobel Prize winning physicist Albert Einstein, who developed the theory of relativity. Einstein, who stated that “imagination is more important than knowledge,” is renowned for his influence on the philosophy of science.

The Martin & Lewis Story – The Last Great Comedy Team

April 19, 10:30am

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were the hottest act in America in the 1950s. They starred in nightclubs, radio, television, and movies. Follow the careers of these talented entertainers and good friends from the very beginning to their ultimate break-up.

Grace Kelly: The American Princess

April 26, 10:30am

Grace Kelly, the beloved American actress who became the Princess of Monaco, began her career in the theater. She moved on to televised live drama productions during the Golden Age of Television, and went on to gain stardom as an award-winning movie actress. At age 26, she retired from acting to marry Prince Rainier, and spent her later years involved in numerous philanthropic projects which continue to this day.