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Documentary Thursdays in January and February

In remembrance of Martin

January 4, 10:30am

Personal comments from family, friends, and advisors fill this remarkable documentary honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Second World War: The Heroes of WWII

January 11, 10:30am

This film features the true stories of some of the legendary men and women of the Second World War who showed supreme courage and strength in the face of the enemy, including Winston Churchill, Field Marshall Montgomery, and General George Patton.

FireFighters: Heroes of Ground Zero 

January 18, 10:30am

Three hundred and forty-three New York firemen died in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. Follow the firemen from two very different fire stations as they cope with the aftermath.

Most Hallowed Ground – The Story of Arlington National Cemetery 

January 25, 10:30am

Learn about the founding of Arlington National Cemetery and its growth over the years. Includes JFK funeral, Honor Guards at the Tomb of the Unknowns, and views of the cemetery today.

Titans of the Deep 

February 1, 10:30am

Learn about how sea mammals can breathe, give birth, sleep, and feed underwater. They succeeded in conquering the depths of the whole planet. Learn about the mysterious means of communication and new hunting techniques they developed in order to survive.

Planet Earth II – Mountains 

February 8, 10:30am

The great mountain ranges are some of the planet’s most spectacular landscapes, but they are unforgiving places to live in, and only a few animals have what it takes to live at extreme altitude. Mountain animals are amongst the most elusive in the world, and this film provides unique and intimate glimpses into their secretive lives.

Wild Giants of the Denali

February 15, 10:30am

Denali is made up of six million acres of pristine Alaskan wilderness, which is home to some of the continent’s most dramatic and powerful hunters and the scene of an extraordinary adventure. Witness wilderness at its most extreme.

Plant Earth I – Fresh Water

February 22, 10:30am

Follow the descent of rivers, from their mountain sources to the sea. Watch spectacular waterfalls, fly inside the Grand Canyon, and explore the wildlife in the world’s deepest lake. Planet Earth captures unique and dramatic moments of animal behavior: a showdown between smooth-coated otters and mugger crocodiles; deep-diving long tailed macaques; massive flocks of snow geese on the wing and a piranha frenzy in the perilous waters of the world’s largest wetland.