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Ancient Chinese Health and Longevity Practices: The Key to Living Well

Page-Ancient-Chinese-HealthMarch 7, 14, & 21, 6 – 8 pm

J Member: $75; public: $85 for all three workshops

Qi Gong (chee gung) is an ancient Chinese healing art with thousands of years of history. The word “qi” in Chinese refers to original life energy or life force; “gong” refers to exercise, cultivation, or work. Through meditation and gentle movements, Qi Gong generates stronger qi, which creates benefits including stress reduction, improved heart health, increased balance, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and increased energy levels and mental clarity. Ralph Dehner is a Licensed Occupational Therapy Practitioner and Certified Personal Trainer. A master trainer of Qi Gong and Tai Chi, he has taught regularly throughout the area, with students ranging in age from 7 to 102 years old.