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The Jewish Hospital – Mercy Health Speaker Series


In partnership with The Jewish Hospital – Mercy Health. Join us for relaxed evenings of appetizers, wine, and valuable medical information.

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Diabetes: Risks and Management 
August 7, 5:30pm

An estimated 29 million Americans have diabetes, while another 54 million are at risk for the disease. Join the Jewish Hospital-Mercy Health and Mayerson JCC to find out about risk factors, symptoms, and strategies for managing and avoiding the life-threatening chronic condition. Diabetes Educator will be on hand to lead an enlightening discussion and Q&A session.

Women’s Health
October 10, 5:30pm

Age is not a barrier to a fulfilling sex life. However, biological changes in women over 40 can impact desire and satisfaction. Dr. Preeti Ghatora, MD will discuss issues in sexual health in women over 40, as well as treatment options for urinary incontinence, which commonly affects this age group.

No Pressure: Understanding and Managing Hypertension
November 6, 5:30pm

Managing blood pressure, especially as we age, is key to maintaining good health and quality of life. Join The Jewish Hospital — Mercy Health and Mayerson JCC to learn about hypertension and high blood pressure, and steps you can take to keep your blood pressure at healthy levels. Dr. Scott Kotzin, DO, will lead an interactive discussion about common causes of hypertension, and various treatment options.

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