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Girls Who Code Club

Girls Who Code Club in Cincinnati

Starting , September 7 through December 7th, Thursdays, 6:30 – 8pm; FREE with RSVP
For females, ages 13 – 17

Tech jobs are among the fastest growing in the country, yet there remain few women in the industry. Let’s close the gender gap in the tech field! Join national organization, Girls Who Code, and learn with an experienced coder in this fun, interactive class. Classes run through our fall session from September 7 through December 7th!

We will learn:

  • Four key computer science concepts: variables, loops, conditionals and functions
  • Programming languages like python and javascript
  • Tools like Scratch and Actimator
  • Design and create your own CS Impact Project, where you will solve a problem relevant to your classroom and community. Through this project, girls expand their problem-solving and computational-thinking skills.
  • Advanced topics in computer science like web development, databases and circuits
  • Build a supportive community as you learn how to code with the other girls in the club
  • Learn about lots of women in tech through Spotlights at the beginning of each session.

No experience necessary; bring your own computer.

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Girls Who Code Club in Cincinnati



For more information, please contact Phil Ganson, Teen Coordinator, at 513.761.7500 ext. 1294.