Today’s Building Hours: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Traditional Camp

Early Childhood School Summer Program in Cincinnati

Navatim: Pre-K – 4 years

The Navatim Unit allows young children to enjoy the full Camp at the J experience within a developmentally appropriate schedule. All their activities are tailored for success on a level that is age appropriate, campers will enjoy swim lessons, art, music, nature, sports, and more! Who doesn’t want the full day camp experience of being outside?

Just like all Camp at the J campers, they will work towards the weekly spirit awards, participate at Shabbat Sing, Flag Pole Ceremonies, and performing in the Camp Talent show, etc.

Please note:  Navatim campers will not have a designated naptime but they will have a short rest period after lunch.  It is required that Navatim campers are potty trained-Camp at the J staff will not change diapers. Individuals must be 4 before June 19

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78-Pioneers-Grades-K---1Pioneers: Grades K – 1

Pioneers experience the exciting days of camp under the care of our enthusiastic camp staff!  Swim lessons are incorporated into their daily routine of fun.  After swimming, the Pioneers will rotate to different specialties to acquire new skills in specific areas such as nature, sports and art.

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Trailblazers-Grades-2-3Trailblazers: Grades 2 – 3

Campers will enjoy a summer of skill-building, exploring and playing games while building relationships with their fellow bunkmates.  Trailblazers will take swim lessons, attend their specials and even go on a few field trips.



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80-Raiders-Grades-4-6Raiders: Grades 4 – 5

Raiders have many opportunities to build upon their friendships throughout the camp day while participating in camp activities such as sports, art, drama, music, and attend field trips to fun establishments in the Cincinnati area.


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Quest Grades 6-8Quest: Grades 6 – 8

We want to foster independence in our older campers and allow them to make decisions throughout the day.  This year we are adding more leadership training to prepare the Quest Campers for the Leaders in Training program which they will be eligible to be a part of as they enter the 9th grade.  Quest campers will still participate in traditional day camp activities such as sports, swimming, and rotate throughout their specialties.

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