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  • Adams Classic and Lil Adams…Did You Know?

    Posted by Katie Dreyer on May 10, 2018 | Share

    Did you know… …that the 24th Adams Classic is coming up on Thursday, June 14 at Losantiville Country Club? (And it’s filling quickly!) …that the Adams Classic is the J’s biggest fundraiser? …that the Adams Classic raffle includes more amazing prizes every year? (FC Cincinnati fan? Ski aficionado? Need a 5-night Florida vacation?? Buy your raffle tickets now!) …that…

  • Jewish & Israeli Film Festival 2018

    Posted by Katie Dreyer on February 05, 2018 | Share

    Lights…camera…action! February in Cincinnati has become synonymous with the Mayerson JCC Jewish & Israeli Film Festival. The bright, warm, and welcoming theatres provide a fun respite from the cold winter weather that still lingers outside, and the experience of sharing a movie with friends and community members from all across the city offers an opportunity to come together to…

  • 12 Influential Jewish Women of History

    Posted by Mayerson JCC on August 25, 2016 | Share

    Congress designated August 26 Women’s Equality Day in recognition of the ratification of the 19th Amendment which gave women the right to vote. To celebrate Women’s Equality Day, we’ll explore the stories of 12 influential Jewish women to honor the accomplishments and individuals that shaped our history. Bella Abzug – “Battling Bella” was a U.S. Representative and women’s rights activist in the 1960s and…

  • 3 BIG Reasons Inclusion Matters

    Posted by Mayerson JCC on May 02, 2016 | Share

    Before I left home and went off to college, my worldview was very different than it is now. A lack of diversity in both race and ability was no big deal – it was the norm. But now that I’ve been away from my hometown for eight years, I’ve come to understand that this flat worldview just isn’t reasonable….

  • Understanding Your Past & Building Your Future

    Posted by Mayerson JCC on March 30, 2016 | Share

    “If our students are going to be prepared to participate as active citizens shaping the world of tomorrow, they must understand that history didn’t just happen, it was made, and that they have a place in making the choices that will become the history of tomorrow.” Susan Graseck, National Council for the Social Studies We all wear many hats…