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Kultar’s Mime

September 28, 7pm 

Inspired by two seminal poems, “Kultar’s Mime” by Sarbeet Singh and “In the City of Slaughter” by Hayim Nahman Bialik, this play brings to life the story of a Jewish artist collective who discover the horrors of the 1984 Sikh massacre in New Delhi while journeying to commemorate the 1903 Jewish pogroms in Russia. In a moment of solidarity, they choose to tell the story of the “other” – a story the world has largely ignored. Kultar Singh was a young boy, mute and deaf, who was traumatized by the murder of his father. Kultar’s Mime comes to Cincinnati after traveling to more than 75 cities across the world, evoking a powerful reaction from audiences and confirming the power of compassion to break the cycle of hatred. This event will unite the interfaith and secular communities of Cincinnati to reflect on the depths of the human experience. Presented by Cincy Sikhs and the Guru Nanak Gudwara in partnership with the Mayerson JCC.

Presented by Cincy Sikhs and the Guru Nanak Gudwara in partnership with the Mayerson JCC