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Modern Hebrew Classes

Street Ivrit – Modern Hebrew for Real Life


Have you ever wanted to order a cappuccino in an Israeli cafe or ask which way to the Western Wall? This Modern Hebrew class is perfect for those thinking about a trip to Israel or wanting to carry on a conversation with Hebrew speakers right here in Cincinnati. “Street Ivrit” is a fun and interactive class for beginning Hebrew speakers, taught by experienced educator and native Israeli, Amit Morag. Students are encouraged to enroll in both sessions for a comprehensive introduction to the language.

Fall Session 2: October 30 – December 17
Thursdays, 8:30 – 9:30am; J Member: $84; public: $96



“Amit’s class is fun and engaging. I recommend it for anyone who is traveling to Israel or wants to have a basic knowledge of Hebrew to speak with the many Israelis that come through Cincinnati. Not to mention, you learn to make the best hummus ever!”

Felicia Zakem | Development Officer, Women’s Philanthropy
Jewish Federation of Cincinnati

“Whether you are going on the community mission to Israel or just want to know a little more Hebrew, Amit’s class is the place to be. It was an interactive class – we made hummus, played dreidel, sang songs and learned about Israeli foods and how to order them in a restaurant. Amit made it fun and encouraged us to learn more than we knew before we took the class.”

Marci Blachman | Director of Agency Fundraising
Jewish Federation of Cincinnati