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Early Childhood School

early-childhood-schoolThe JCC Early Childhood School provides a high-quality, age appropriate Jewish and secular curriculum that encourages development, curiosity, imagination, and self-esteem. Our child care program is open to everyone regardless of race, religion, or ability and features a low child-teacher ratio.

We encourage language skills, scientific inquiry, and creative expression. Social and emotional well-being are always supported.

Weekly enrichment includes music, fitness, yoga, swim lessons (ages 4+), gardening, and intergenerational activities. We celebrate Jewish holidays and Shabbat with songs, stories, art, special foods, and traditions. All meals and snacks served to students are kosher.

multicultural-childhood-educationThe Early Childhood School is dedicated to multicultural education. We strive to create a program that truly reflects the lives of our children, families, staff, and community. By recognizing the impact culture plays on families, we will make every effort to provide a culturally responsive school. We seek to:

  • Recognize the beauty, value, and contribution of each child
  • Foster high self-esteem and contribution of each child
  • Teach children about their own culture
  • Introduce children to other cultures
  • Provide children with a positive experience exploring similarities and differences
  • Encourage children to respect other cultures
  • Increase children’s ability to talk and play with people who are different than them
  • Help children live happily and cooperatively in a diverse world
  • Help children to notice and do something about unfair behavior and events

The JCC Early Childhood School at the J is open to the public. J Members receive discounts.

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The Early Childhood School at the J is a secure environment.
All tours must be scheduled in advance with the school director; for security purposes, walk-in tours are not permitted.

Thank you for helping us ensure the safety of the school!

For more information, or to schedule a tour, please call: 513.793.2122