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BBYO Youth Group

Involving more Jewish teens in more meaningful experiences!

BBYO is a non-denominational, youth-led organization open to all Jewish teens. It helps Jewish youth develop their leadership potential, embrace a positive Jewish identity, and commit to their own personal development. Under the guidance of advisors and professional staff members, participants engage in democratically functioning small groups known as chapters. Each chapter participates in Jewish living and learning experiences, including community service programs and holiday celebrations. BBYO also offers extensive summer programs around the U.S. and internationally.

Each year, the BBYO program runs September through June. Meetings are held at both the JCC and at members’ homes.

“BBYO has made me who I am. It is where I made my closest friends and allowed me to connect with other Jewish teens who I could share memories and experiences with.” -Jacob Spiegel, Sycamore High School

“BBYO has given me the chance to make life long friends, gain invaluable leadership skills, and be more confident.” -Raquel Levitt, Sycamore High School

The J has two BBYO chapters:

  • AZA: Mishpocha Chapter – for all Jewish boys, grades 9 – 12
  • BBG: Ner Tamid Chapter – for all Jewish girls, grades 9 – 12

BBYO Membership:

  • $149/4 years

For more information, contact Philip Ganson, Teen and Tween Coordinator, at 513.761.7500.

Upcoming Events

BBYO: Mishpocha and Ner Tamid Chapter Meetings

Open to current and prospective BBYO members
Tuesday evenings at 8pm at various locations; contact

Teen members plan exciting and innovative programs throughout the year with great opportunities to meet other Jewish teens from nearby cities.

Cincinnati BBYO Chapter Convention

At Camp Livingston
Open to current BBYO members only

October 7th, 7:15 pm -October 8, 3pm


This fun-filled retreat planned by our chapter board will showcase Cincinnati BBYO. Don’t miss out!

Contact Phil Ganson:


BBYO Spirit Convention
At Camp Campbell Gard

Open to current BBYO members only
October 20, 5pm-October 22, 12pm

BBYO Spirit Convention gives Jewish teens from Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Indianapolis, and Louisville the opportunity to come together for a weekend of competition and camaraderie to show pride in their cities. Chapters will face off in an Olympic-style contest with the coveted “Spirit Stick” awarded as the grand prize.