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BBYO Youth Group

Involving more Jewish teens in more meaningful experiences!

BBYO is a non-denominational, youth-led organization open to all Jewish teens. It helps Jewish youth develop their leadership potential, embrace a positive Jewish identity, and commit to their own personal development. Under the guidance of advisors and professional staff members, participants engage in democratically functioning small groups known as chapters. Each chapter participates in Jewish living and learning experiences, including community service programs and holiday celebrations. BBYO also offers extensive summer programs around the U.S. and internationally.

Each year, the BBYO program runs September through June. Meetings are held at both the JCC and at members’ homes.

“BBYO has made me who I am. It is where I made my closest friends and allowed me to connect with other Jewish teens who I could share memories and experiences with.” -Jacob Spiegel, Sycamore High School

“BBYO has given me the chance to make life long friends, gain invaluable leadership skills, and be more confident.” -Raquel Levitt, Sycamore High School

The J has two BBYO chapters:

  • AZA: Mishpocha Chapter – for all Jewish boys, grades 9 – 12
  • BBG: Ner Tamid Chapter – for all Jewish girls, grades 9 – 12

BBYO Membership:

  • $149/4 years
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For more information, contact Philip Ganson, Teen and Tween Coordinator, at 513.761.7500.

Upcoming Events

BBYO AIT/MIT (New Member) Convention

April 27 – 29
Current BBYO members only
At Camp Livingston

New BBYO members are invited to get a taste of a BBYO regional convention! Meet new friends and learn all about BBYO including its history, philosophy and terminology, rituals and traditions, songs, structures, and leadership opportunities.

Life: Animated BBYO Pre-Screening

February 25, 1 – 4pm

In anticipation of Ron Suskind speaking at the Mayerson JCC on March 12, Cincinnati BBYO will be showing a special pre-screening of the Oscar-nominated film, Life: Animated. This powerful film tells the story of Suskind’s son Owen’s struggle with regressive autism, and his breakthrough in communication using Affinity Therapy through popular Disney movies. Don’t miss out on the chance to see this incredible movie before Ron Suskind’s discussion.