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Yad VaShem, Mount Herzl, Netanya Host Families (Day 10)

Yad VaShem, Mount Herzl, Netanya Host Families (Day 10)

Posted by Phil Ganson on April 17, 2018 | Share
It is our third day in the homeland. I went to Israel two years ago for a month and got to see so much of it. Today we went to Yad VaShem. This is my second time going there. The first time I went there I was expecting it to be a very emotional experience, but after going to the concentration camps that I have heard about all my life, I was able to have a first hand experience of what the ghetto or concentration camp looked like. As a result, I felt like I was able to connect with Yad VaShem and the content in it more than the previous visit. After we walked though the museum we went to a memorial called  Yad Vashem’s children memorial. This memorial was the most emotional part of my day. The tour guide asked us to remember one name that we heard while walking through. The point of doing this was to bring to our attention that it is difficult to remember just one person’s name and there are six million names. I am now with my host family and they are very nice people. We are having pasta for dinner and I can’t wait to try new food.

–Zoe Goldenberg

  • Sarah Singer-Nourie

    That children’s memorial is haunting tribute. So awesome that you were able to come back to Yad Vashem again, and absorb so much more this time after visiting the camps in Poland. And… what a cool experience to stay with an Israeli family!